Embracing the Space Between Us
An Innovative Platform by Japan Brand Coin

JBcoin is a cryptocurrency originating in Singapore and listed on LATOKEN, HitBTC, and other stock exchanges.
JBcoin currently has 50 thousand customers in Japan and 100 thousand customers worldwide.
Our users can purchase goods and use services at our nationwide partner stores by downloading the JB Wallet app.



Our vision is to combine Blockchain and Japan Brand to create a world that grows and prospers together

◆ “Aida/ma” - The Essence of Japanese Culture

JBcoin is a cryptocurrency originating in Singapore and listed on coinexchange, HitBTC, and other stock exchanges. JBcoin currently has 40 thousand customers in Japan and 100 thousand customers worldwide. Our users can purchase goods and use services at our nationwide partner stores by downloading the JB Wallet app. JBcoin is the abbreviation of "Japan Brand Coin". The philosophy of the Japanese culture on which Japan Brand has been built, springs from the mindset that emphasizes the state of mind, discovers eternal time and infinite space through soul-searching, and continues to pursue the reality of human beings living there.
This philosophy is nurtured as one lives in harmony with the nature and goes on to embrace the relation between oneself and others, which they believe exists inherently. In other words, the mental and physical harmony between people facilitates coexistence and cooperation when they respect and recognize each other’s existences, even when this is void of any interaction. We call this independent, non-intervening, matured space of mutual recognition as “aida/ma”.

◆ Loss of “aida/ma” is an Invitation to Misery

Unfortunately, however, we witness many events in today’s world that damage this sacred space between the human beings. The most common example that we come across is SNS fatigue. Sending ostentatious messages to each other in the attempt of seeking validation causes redundancy and tires everyone involved. If we recognize that our existences are harmonious, we will not need futile communication and the “aida/ma”, the sacred space between us, will be preserved.
In essence, we unknowingly tend to see subjectivity and objectivity as incompatible in our outlook towards everything due to the impact of western civilization and are unable to embrace the relationships as they are. This makes us build walls between ourselves and others and we end up attaching worth to one another causing meaningless competition. We can say that the expansion of this phenomenon has caused the disparity between the rich and the poor of this world.

◆ The Genesis of Japanese Culture

“Aida/ma” we are talking about is a state in which everything maintains a flat relationship with each other and the space in between is neither excessive nor meager, but just the right amount. We can encounter the reality of cosmos abounding in nature when reclaiming the lost “aida/ma” from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. All things in the nature have been in harmony with each other from the beginning and our places in the universe are prearranged. Among this, the practice of living in unison with our purpose without distinguishing between oneself and the other has shaped the Japanese aesthetic sense.
The literature and art works rooted in the region, and modernistic art forms like manga and anime, are the embodiments of this aesthetic sense that is presented by Japan Brand. We believe that propagating the Japanese culture that has emerged from this deep spirituality will greatly contribute towards achieving co-existence, co-prosperity, and harmony in the world.

◆ Creating a World that Grows Together and Prospers

Our endeavor is to build “aida/ma” on the original blockchain and provide a proof of existence for individuals as well as propagate the Japanese culture through it. We want to build a creative cafe-like place on the network that facilitates communication and allows everyone to mutually authenticate their identities as well as a structure that enables the circulation of creative works by linking intellectual property. As JBcoin is a listed coin, our users can securely purchase the intellectual properties of Japan Brand from anywhere in the world. This is how we aim to propagate the Japanese culture in the world and ensure that it will be purchased at the right value.
Lastly, we want more and more people to use JBcoin to enhance their creativity, widen the “aida/ma”, and experience the inception of a collaborative world void of any unnecessary competition.

What is JBC

A Proof of Your Identity

In recent years, the desire to own things has diminished owing to the market saturation and rapid adoption of IT, and more and more people are seeking their own space on the internet. Therefore, JBcoin has set out to develop a blockchain that will represent you in the future.
The blockchain will have many applications; obtaining loans by uploading your data which will act as your identification, as well as availing transportation services at discounted prices. We plan to launch the blockchain in the year 2020, which will allow you to trade the value that you have created anywhere in the world and enable you to prove your identity.
JBcoin aims to create a future that will help you to manifest yourself and in extending your social privileges, that is, your “freedom” on this planet.

A Proof of Your Identity
“aida/ma” Designed as a Relaxed Communication Space

As an antidote to the "SNS fatigue" prevalent today, we will provide an online service “TEA ROOM” that will be similar to the Japanese tea room and will serve as a relaxed space to have conversations with other members.

1. Human being - Interpersonal space between people
2. Time - Space to spend time in a relaxed manner
3. Space - An online tearoom facilitating rich and innovative experiences

Enjoy a stress-free web experience by analyzing your accumulated data and letting it automatically organize to your liking in the categories of information, people, and things.

“aida/ma” Designed as a Relaxed Communication Space
Protect the Copyrights of Japanese Manga and Anime using Blockchain

The wide circulation of pirated copies of Japanese manga and anime in the overseas market is a serious problem recognized even by the Japanese government. However, we do not have an effective countermeasure against it today.
In this respect, the blockchain technology will help us to protect the copyrights. First, we have to prove who has attributed the copyrighted material to whom, and then arrange protection for the copyrights.
In the future, if the overseas people are easily able to buy the Japanese copyrighted works, it would become possible to acquire the overseas sales rights. That is, circumventing contracts and cumbersome procedures to trade the copyrights will help in accelerating the overseas sales of Japan Brand.

Protect the Copyrights of Japanese Manga and Anime using Blockchain
Even the Reader Reaps Profits from Sales Promotion of E-books

We plan to launch a new e-book market which will sell the originals of prominent authors with whom we have directly signed a contract as well as unpublished works by tying-up with major publishers.
Readers can use JBcoin from all over the world and purchase e-books that are translated into major languages.
Furthermore, we will shatter the traditional e-book market in which the platforms reap huge profits whereas the authors receive meagre proceeds by adopting an innovative business model that allows the author as well as the reader to make profits. We are planning to develop a sustainable model in which the reader is assigned merits and as a result both the parties enjoy a win-win situation.

Even the Reader Reaps Profits from Sales Promotion of E-books
Utilizing JBC to Boost Local Products

As for the circulation of JBcoin, thanks to our customers who appreciated our vision, we are active and already have 100 partner stores (as of November 2018) all over the country. Corporate bodies as well as individuals can become partner members. We are expecting to reach the target of 400 stores by the end of March 2019 and 1,000 stores by the end of December of the same year.
We are able to sell internationally popular Japanese traditional handicrafts, Japanese clothes, and antiques among other items to our customers who can use JBcoin from anywhere in the world and thus directly help the local businesses in the process. Many products that are commonplace to the Japanese people hold an aspirational value overseas. Therefore, we would like to revitalize cross-border EC with your help and expand Japan Brand all around the world.

Utilizing JBC to Boost Local Products


Mar. 2019 400 partner stores
Apr. 2019 Migrate from Ethereum to advanced original blockchain
Apr. 2019 Launch website for selling e-books and recruiting authors
Apr. 2019 Establish a copyrights management company and start dealing with works whose rights are owned by major publishers
Dec. 2019  1,000 partner stores
Mar. 2020  Start card payment using debit cards
Mar. 2020  Introduce payment terminals at partner stores
Also support UnionPay cards, Alipay and WeChat Pay
Dec. 2020 10,000 partner stores
Oct. 2022 Launch “TEA ROOM” service
Unified management of various information by using “JBC (JB Concierge)” that collects and suggests information customized to the user by linking with different SNS platforms and applications


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